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Hello everyone, Gimmer is pleased to announce the incorporation of the company in Estonia. This country is currently considered one of the main leaders in the process of disrupting the world economy, enabling innovation and the creation of new businesses. This is especially true for startups that have their business linked to cryptocurrencies.

CY2Law together with Kick Ventures were instrumental in taking this step. Enabling Gimmer to accelerate the process of expanding international operations.

Soon we will announce new products and partnerships that we are developing to continuously improve our product, bringing even more strength to the cryptocurrency market.

The VPS is our focus at the moment, and this incorporation increasingly strengthens our relationship and transparency with our customers and the community, allowing users of the platform to always keep their strategies online. The cryptocurrency market does not sleep and neither does Gimmer!

We would like to thank everyone at CY2Law for their proactiveness, attention and commitment during this process.

If you have not yet downloaded the latest version of Gimmer , follow the link below:

We have also improved our videos and documentation, which are now available on our website:

Haven’t bought your GMR tokens to use Gimmer yet? Get them here!

Follow the roadmap to keep track of our next releases:

Gimmer Team



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