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Hello everyone, we have just published an update of the Gimmer app with, CHAT, full integration with the Mercado Bitcoin, bug fixes and other performance improvements.

You will soon be able to market your strategies to our DAPP through our MarketPlace. Meanwhile, to understand more about Gimmer its tools and features we’ve released some news.

Another amazing news was the update on our site now it is totally multi-languages. This greatly facilitates the access and clarification of all our content.


A Chat within Gimmer has been placed so that users can exchange experiences and conversations with each other in a single, secure environment.

Mercado Bitcoin is fully integrated with Gimmer. This will help many traders in Brazil who want to trade in Gimmer for Brazilian Exchanges.


  • Account balance missing of assets values
  • Sentiment bar error in code editor
  • Real-time events with error in VPS Duplicate orders
  • Error to compute the values in history trade

Did you know that you only need 2500 GMR to run all the current BOTs? That’s right, if you have 2500 GMR you can use all of the BOT’s currently available in the Gimmer app forever! If you have not bought tokens yet, you can find all the exchanges where we are listed in the link below:

We have also improved our videos and documentation, which are now available on our website and can be accessed at DOCS > Quickstart:

To go along with the documentation, we also have tutorial videos that you can check out and learn how to use Gimmer:


Gimmer Team

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