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Marketplace It’s released now!

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Now in addition to creating your strategies and taking advantage of crypto market opportunities 24/7, with Marketplace, you can profit from your strategies. That’s right, you can earn extra income with Gimmer by creating and renting your strategy to any Gimmer user. With this new functionality Gimmer we create a social network totally focused on investments.

That’s right the Market Place has arrived and along, lots of Gimmer news.

Even if you don’t know how to design and strategize, you can still follow experienced users and make your simple investments by associating your API with strategies you rented.

Everything at Market Place is designed to give you a great DAPP browsing experience.

  • Publish completely decentralized strategies
  • Create different types of plans
  • Do backtests before renting a strategy
  • Rent different strategies from different categories
  • Search using several different types of filters
  • Access rental strategies from anywhere at any time
  • Vote for the best strategies
  • Access list with all platform traders
  • See trader-specific strategies sorted by popularity

These improvements include:

  • You can now execute backtest directly from the strategy screen.
  • Start or stop robot execution directly from strategy list
  • Top frame removal leaving the app with wider view
  • Improved cache storage.
  • Processor and memory usage displayed in backtest and activity log
  • Improved backtest to get closer to the real market
  • Improved design and background addition on all screens
  • Added loading screen to show all dApp uploads
  • Database encryption and separation of all collections.
  • Improves system memory usage.
  • Correction of orders not saved in history
  • Add links to documentation and help
  • Option to delete account is available from profile
  • Fixed problem adding APIs
  • Binance has been updated to adapt to new API version
  • Display of ethers quantity along with GMRs quantity
  • Bug in adding overlapping indicators fixed

Want to seize the opportunities of Crypto Market without leaving your computer on all the time? Now it’s easy for you to sign one of Gimmer’s plans and start creating your strategies now.

In addition to all this we fixed bugs and optimized strategy performance.

If you have not yet downloaded the latest version of Gimmer, follow the link below:

We have also enhanced our videos and documentation, which are now available on our site and can be accessed at DOCS> Quickstart. 

To accompany the documentation, we also have tutorial videos that you can check out and learn how to use Gimmer:



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