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Great News, Code Editor is Coming

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Great News,
Code Editor is Coming

For strategic reasons, we needed to change our schedule a bit, we changed the order and delivery date of some features.

Over the months, our team has worked hard for the growth and advancement of the Gimmer. This has happened very successfully and you can check it in previous posts.

However, it was necessary to review some priorities always thinking about our users.

The number of people who know and use the Gimmer has increased steadily and significantly, and this gives us more and more strength in creating new features.

We prioritize Code Editor and Marketplace deliveries.

Our RoadMap will follow as follows:

28/03/2019 • Code Editor.

Let’s add in Gimmer a complete development environment for you to write your strategies. Now who likes to create their own codes can use Gimmer to manage and create custom strategies. It will be possible to use all APIs and Gimmer functionalities. You need to keep 500 GMRs to gain access to this feature.

25/04/2019 • Marketplace

With the launch of Marketplace Gimmer will start a new phase of interactivity. It will be possible to rent your strategies, indicators, signs, and more. You can transform each of your strategies into products and their settings and codes are hidden and protected.

25/05/19 • Mobile APP

With the app you will be able to receive push notifications, track the performance of your strategies in addition and power to stop and start your strategies remotely. If you have not downloaded Gimmer download now and subscribe to our VPS to take advantage of these features.

25/06/2019 • Arbitrage Strategy

The arbitrage bots will allow the user to connect Gimmer to multiple swap accounts and use the bots to analyze which swap will provide the best rate to sell the asset and then automatically allocate accordingly to get the best rate. You need to keep 500 GMRs to gain access to this feature.


Developing the Gimmer for our Team is a privilege, we always count on the suggestions, criticisms and comments of all.

To use Gimmer you need GMR if you do not already have it, get our tokens now and start automating your strategies.

If you have not already downloaded the latest version of Gimmer, follow the link below:

To follow the documentation, we also have video tutorials that you can check out and learn how to use Gimmer:


Next week we’ll have another update, stay tuned.


Gimmer Team


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