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The Spread bot strategy monitors the order book and observes the spread between the purchase and sale price, starting operations according to the parameters defined by the user, always competing for the first position in the order book. It places a purchase order whenever the rules are matched, taking advantage of the best opportunity.

You need to keep 500 GMRs to gain access to this feature. If you have not bought tokens yet, you can find all the exchanges where we are listed in the link below:

We have also improved our videos and documentation, which are now available on our website and can be accessed at DOCS > Quickstart.


21/12 • Triangular Arbitrage Bot (New)

This bot monitors the opportunities between currencies within a single exchange and performs buy and sell operations according to user-defined profitability. You have to maintain 450 GMR to gain access to this feature.

21/12 • Margin Trading Bot

These bots are similar to the Exchange Trading bots – as they also trade cryptocurrencies – with the added feature being able to take and execute margin positions. Margin positions are high-risk trades as the bots use leverage
to gain higher profits, however, the trades can also result in higher losses. You have to hold 400 GMR to gain access to this feature.

15/01/19 • Arbitrage Bot

Arbitrage bots will allow the user to connect Gimmer to multiple exchange accounts and use the bots to analyze which exchange will give the best rate for selling the asset, then automatically reallocate accordingly to get the
best rate. You have to hold 500 GMR to gain access to this feature.

To go along with the documentation, we also have tutorial videos that you can check out and learn how to use Gimmer:


Next week we’ll have another update, stay tuned.

Gimmer Team

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