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And our beloved product begins to take shape, download now.

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Hello everyone, after 1 month of hard work, we were able to completely change the dapp, we changed the database and it got extremely fast \o/

Now when running a backtest it is possible to monitor in real time all the actions of the bot through the side panel while progressbar does not reach 100%. Incidentally, everything is using websockets to display real-time statistics.

We integrated TradingView and it was amazing to display history using this component. We developed the simulator for users to test their strategies in the real market to see if their settings were actually calibrated. The good thing is that the activity screen of the simulator is exactly the same as the live bot, which is already functional and will finally publish our beta on May 15th.

For the exchanges, we have created a list to which you can now add your major exchanges and simply choose which one your strategy will use.

all accounts are based on ethereum, incidentally, if you have stored your keystore or privatekey you can restore with ease by importing inside the DAPP.

The indicators are extremely easy to add and configure, as well as all safeties, the backtests are extremely simple to perform.

I leave below the download links and a video with me browsing and testing some strategies to which you can already check the things I said above.



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