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Hello everyone! Starting today, we will begin sharing a weekly roadmap progress report where you can follow the work of the team and read about our project deliverables.

Our current goal is Q2 2018 – LAUNCH OF GIMMER DAPP

Our current objective is to prepare for the launch of the Decentralized Gimmer DApp for all users to execute their strategies and run more bots at the same time.

What has been done and corrected so far this week.

  • We’ve corrected the live update graph response time for all indicators.
  • We synchronized log histories.
  • We highlighted the bot version.
  • Bot update alert
  • We corrected the display of closing an order on the backtest.
  • Adjustments to run bots in live trading.
  • General control of application logs.
  • Versioning of bots, already preparing for the future marketplace.
  • Using last formed candle for buying and selling decision.
  • We inserted the Backtest and View button on the strategy list screen.
  • Better display of numbers with decimals.
  • We improved the date format display.
  • We updated our website with information.

Also, tomorrow we will have another update so stay tuned.

Gimmer Team

P.S We appreciate you posting bugs and any suggestions to any of our channels:



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