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Hello everyone! In tune with today’s beta release we wanted to share a quick update. Today we have been performing a lot of tests and checking the new features that we added in version 0.3.0. 

Our current goal is Q2 2018 – LAUNCH OF GIMMER DAPP

What the team has been working on today:

  • Extensive tests of the latest DApp release and began working on the next version.
  • We added one bot for each member to different exchanges and are thoroughly testing the bots and the new features in live trading!
  • We initiated the development of our new website.
  • Already began development of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) that will be our next goal on the roadmap.
  • The marketing staff is progressing with the video tutorials.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can find the new version in the link below:


  • Hide the “Running Simulation” button unless on the “Running & Activity” view.
  • Hide the “Options” button/menu on the “Running & Activity” view.
  • Bittrex exchange icon broken on “Running & Activity” view
  • UX Improvements on Running and activity
  • Direct link to Running & Activity
  • Better display of numbers with decimals in activities.
  • We improved the date format display.
  • We updated our website with information.


  • We’ve corrected the live update graph response time for all indicators.
  • We synchronized log histories.
  • We highlighted the bot version.
  • Bot update alert
  • We corrected the display of closing an order on the backtest.
  • Adjustments to run bots in live trading.
  • General control of application logs.
  • Versioning of bots, already preparing for the future marketplace.
  • Using last formed candle for buying and selling decision.
  • We inserted the Backtest and View button on the strategy list screen.

Next week we will have another update so stay tuned.

Gimmer Team



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